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Do you care about temperature controller of electric warm blanket ?
Jul 17, 2018

Do you care about temperature controller of electric warm blanket ?


                                                                                                                                                                                        Will you consider the temperature controller as one factor when you buy an electric warm banket and heating pad? Most of us will take it into account such as safety, appearance, color, digital, Led indicator, temperature wattage. A control module for electric blankets includes a heating wire located within the electric blanket, and a control unit and a switch unit are fixed to the electric warm blanket. The control unit and the switch unit are separated from each other. The switch unit is located on the electric blanket,  so as to the users are easy to access and operate the switch unit to control the temperature of the electric blanket. Our temperature controller have 2 models, 3 settings and 6 settings controller with led indicator, automatic switch-off after 3 hours.                                                                                                           





An electric warm blanket adopt PTC+NTC heating system, ensure more safety and better comfortable feeling. It wil be your best friend in cold winter.


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