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Do you have special heating pads?
Jul 25, 2017

     Heating pads have common styles and special styles. Today we will focus on North America market heating pads. America heating pads ordinary style products models include BLV-HP100 moist/dry with sponge electric heating pad, BLV-HP101 12x24" electric pad, BLV-HP200 12x15" stamp welding craft electric heating knee pad, BLV-HP201 blue heating pad back and BLV-HP200L overheating protection heating pad cover. See the following pictures.

Common America Heating Pads.jpg

      In order to meet different customers' needs, we also develop some special heating pads. America market special styles typical products models are BLV-HP204A brown electric neck and shouler warmer and BLV-HP204B gray 18x25" neck wrap heating pad and BLV-HP204C foot warmer.

                                    America market special heating pads.jpg

Now it is peak season. If you need heated products, contact us.

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