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USB Cordless Heating Belt
Dec 26, 2018

USB Cordless Heating Belt (2)



Item: Cordless heating belt

Model: HP325

Size: 19*110cm

Material: Soft neoprene fabric

* Operated by any power bank with USB plug

* Simple hoo-and -loop clourse

* 3 Heat level for option with different color of light display

Using: Put the USB port connect the computer, power bank, charge, usb adapter etc.

Advantage: Small Size, Light Weight, Easy to Carry, No harm to the Body.

Applicable: Reading, Working, Driving, Travel, and in the office.

The cordless heating belt provides you warmth in this cold winter, which can promote blood circulation, reduce pain, activated cells and regulating nerves when you ware it. May it send you warmth in this beautify festival.


26 Dec. 2018

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