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what do you care about the feature of eletric blanket?
Sep 29, 2018

Winter is a season of fun and merrymaking,  we play around in snow and enjoy many other activities. some people think  staying warm at home will be better and practical.They think about things like buying anelectric blanket  and what features to consider when shopping for one.


It’s an important consideration to make, since there are numerous options for electric blankets available out there, all with different designs and features. With that said, here here are five of the most important features of an electric blanket that you need to look for.

1. Heating Zones

They warm up almost instantly for a faster, better, and more comfortable sleep.

2. Heating System

BS electric blanket adopt PTC+NTC heating system, the newest innovation in electric blanket techonology, 

It automatically shuts off the heating system and prevents the electric underblanket from overheating, thereby eliminating any health or electrical hazard.

3. Fast  Heating

An electric blanket warm up almost istantly for a faster, better, and more comfortable sleep

4. Easy-to-operate controller

The controls are easy to operate, and preferably one with a detachable controller so that you don’t have to worry about wires when sleeping.


5. Timer

The timeer is most important funcation in an electric blanket, because it ensure not only your comfort,but your safety as well. You don't wake up  in  midnight to turn off. It automatically shuts off.

With our PTC+NTC electric blanekt, you are sure to get pleasent sleep, even during winter;s coldest nights.

                                                                                                                                Lily 29 Sep. 2018

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