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what we look for in an electric blanket
Aug 22, 2018

                                          what we look for in an electric blanket


We make a list for determining the value of an electric blanket after sorting through customer and expert opinions.


1. Temperature setting number: the greater the number of settings, you are easy to enjoy the comfort balance between staying warm and using the least amount of wattage.

2. Heating wire: famous brand heating wire, it adopt PTC+NTC heating system

Comfort: We use super cosy flannel, soft microplush and plush sherpa

3. Easy to use LED indicator for use at night, easier settings. Power cords is enough long to reach your sockets.

4. Automatic shut-off gives you peace of mind and makes for safer use. You do not worry when you are hurry to leave out.

5. Warranty: the power cords, controller, or blanket walfunction, a warranty will replace the blanket or parts freely(2years). pls kindly keep in mind that if won;t cover accident or damage.


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